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Budget Canon lenses for serious shooters - Part 2

Budget Canon lenses for serious shooters - Part 2

So you've bought a Canon Rebel, probably with a kit lens, or have gone for a mid range camera like the 80D. You are searching for a few lenses that will satisfy your requirements but which won't put a hole in your pocket.
This is two part article to help you find your lens requirements as per your taste and type of photography, especially if you're on a budget. This isn't an article about the cheapest lens you could buy, but rather about lenses which give you better image quality and artistic value while still being relatively inexpensive. It's about lenses you would be buying when you start feeling your kit lens isn't fulfilling your demands.

It goes without saying that, this being an article about budget lenses, the focus would be on lenses for APS-C/crop sensor Canon DSLRs as the idea of budget shooting seldom goes along with full frames. So any full frame lenses discussed would be from the persp…

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